Design Team: Diane Granda

Diane Granda


Diane gravitates towards the classic styles and proportions. She appreciates these pure forms because of their refined proportions and attention to details. She is an accomplished, innovative, furniture industry professional with an extensive background in researching historical design periods, designing reproductions/adaptations, display, and merchandising of product. Diane began her career over 25 years ago traveling to England, France and St. Petersburg, Russia, to research furniture in its historical environment.

Diane believes that design gives us the tools to make a world more beautiful and humane; one that reflects our intelligence and imagination; our dreams and desires. The furniture we build can create a sense of place, of history and of promise; our homes can inspire a deeper understanding of our shared past and living culture. Design provokes the human spirit.

Diane’s design philosophy is to produce produces that exceed people’s needs and desires, making pieces with soul. She blends design and history to capture their imaginations, and their hearts by using defining characteristics of the original to craft a contemporary piece of furniture that’s a great and beautiful piece in its own right.